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Giving Your All

Have you ever felt like you have given your all to others in your life? It may be to a relationship, friends, spouse, kids, work, etc. but there is no feeling appreciation given back. To the wrong person or thing, giving your best will not ever be enough. The sooner we realize that the easier it become for us to understand when we have given too much. 

When giving hurts you more than the help it gives to someone else, you then know that you have given too much. Now not every time you give or do something for someone should you expect something back, it doesn’t work like that. It should, on the other hand, feel good and eventually come back to you. We are capable of understanding when too much is too much! 

It’s time to evaluate what makes us rethink ourselves and the life we live. It should be someone in our life that makes us feel it’s all worth it. Whoever that person(s) is, that’s who we should give to unconditionally. 

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Monday Mindsation

Good Monday Everyone!

Here is an excerpt from my book Extraordinary Parent. It is now available online at Amazon, Barns and Nobles and it can be requested at your local books store and library.

“Being happy is so important. I could write a whole book on being happy. We do not comprehend at times that we affect more than our selves when we are not happy. Our children know when we are not happy.

There was a point in my life when I was so unhappy with myself and the world. Not that things were so terrible, but I just was not happy with myself. I was not able to give my children the attention and support they needed, because I did not have the “energy”. I made every excuse in the book to be alone. I did not want to be bothered. But one day, I was so tired of feeling that way. I couldn’t do it anymore.

I felt the responsibility of raising my girls by myself. I mean I really felt it. It felt like too much, like I could not do it. One day, I told God I was tired and I did not want to feel this way anymore. That day, my life changed, and I have never allowed myself to go back to that place. I started to pick myself up.

I began to see that I could do this. I could handle it. I was not alone. I did have people who loved and supported me. I loved my girls and wanted them to have an enjoyable childhood. So I began to surround myself with the positive things that I saw every day. It was like someone began to shine a flashlight in a dark room. I realized that I have the ability to raise my girls, be successful, live my dreams, and enjoy my life. How? I decided to make the best of it all. It was not about me anymore. I had two little girls depending on me — who needed me as much as I needed them.

We are parents. We provide the love, care, and support that our children need. It is not an easy job, but we can do this. I support you because I understand your struggles. I support you, because we can do this! We will be extraordinary parents!”


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It’s Time

Had a dream last night, the first part was great and then the second part felt like the reality of life. It really brought me back to where I am and how I see the world around me. It made me think, why do we limit ourselves to just what we see? Why do we allow what we see to be how we feel, think, understand?

This Sunday I had to go to the airport and I ran into Leann Rimes. At first, you know how it is, you don’t want to be like everyone else and run up to them and get all excited. But then I thought about it, is that how I really feel or is it how I see the world around me? Sometimes we come so close to opportunity that we allow what we see to affect how we feel, so it hinders us. So I began to think if she is that close to me, why wouldn’t I ask her for a picture and hold a brief conversation with her? Well I did and come to find out she wasn’t having the best of mornings, but she was still nice enough to still speak and take a picture. Now this may seem very trivial to some, but there is a great lesson in this. See Leann did not let what she saw around her affect how she would react and feel towards me.

We must understand that we are what we believe and half of that really depends on our actions. We are able to reach the highest star if we believe and act upon that belief. They say faith without works is dead, but it is very true. So as 2015 gets closers, let’s act upon what we believe. Don’t like another year go by with the same things holding us back. There is so much to do, and if you are inspired to change the world, then change the world. Nothing holds us back but us. It’s time to do this…and we will!



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Good Morning

Good Morning Everyone! Thought I would share some of my feelings with you on this wonderful morning. As the book release gets closer I find myself questioning whether it’s good enough. Truthfully, what I do find comfort in is that it really came from my heart. Venturing into the writing world was not an easy task, matter a fact, it was pretty difficult. But I can honestly say that I did not do it for myself. I really want to help someone else.

More than likely we have found ourselves in situations that makes us feel unhappy, depressed, behind, or just stagnate. Then it’s that person who always has something to say about our situation and says the wrong thing at the wrong time, every time. And it’s not that it’s not good information, it’s just we don’t want to hear someone telling us want we should do…all the time. Instead, at the moment if they could just listen or just empathize with us and let us know that you’re going to make it through whatever the situation may be…that would make all the difference in the world.

That’s the angle of Extraordinary Parent. It’s not about telling you what you should do, but rather things that challenged me and me exhibiting ways in which I was able to get pass the challenge. I am not an expert nor do I claim to be. On the other hand, I can tell you that parenting challenges are real and there are times when parents feel they are not adequate or just plain like giving up. One thing that can make a difference is the reassurance that you are not alone and to every challenge there is a solution. I want other parents to know that we can do it together, learn and grow.

In the end, we will find ourselves less stressful, successful and achieving the goals we have set for ourselves. As we motivate ourselves we will see a difference in our children’s actions and attitudes. It’s not just a “me” thing, we are doing this so that our families can be successful. I hope that you will join the journey of Extraordinary Parenting with me; together we will make a difference.

The book is now available in print and eBook. Please request this book in your local book retailers and libraries. Looking forward to hearing from you!!!!! Make this day great!




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Just a Chance

So they tell you to “go to school”, “get a education” but what they forgot to tell you is that student loans can eat you alive. Not only that, but you may have problem getting a job, not because you’re not educated, but because you are “over qualified….over educated” for positions. The most frustrating thing for me is looking back on all the hard work I put in to educating myself and for what? What did I go to school for? Especially when I hear and see so many individuals that have positions because they knew someone or they just got lucky.

What should we do as educated young adults? How do we brake in the cycle of the Mad Man’s World of finding a job? Most jobs want you to have some type of education. On the other hand, there are so many great positions but they want you to have 5+, 7+, 10+ years in experience along with the educational requirements. So what happens to all those graduates who would do so well in that position, but not given the chance because they don’t have the experience? How will they ever get the experience if no one will hire them? Deep right? Not really, just takes someone stepping outside the box and creating something that will allow educated persons to get their foot in the door and get that experience. I know that it is viewed as taking a chance by employers, but what if it’s the best chance that you’ve ever taken?

The Mind of the Young and Educated – Nina Carter

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Book Release Information

This has been a long but awesome journey. Over three years ago of starting this project, I never knew that my struggles would lead me to produce something that I can be proud to call “my story” to share. I hope everyone that can and will come join me in the Release of My First Book. Extraordinary parent is a survival guide for single parents (and parents), turning our struggles into learning tools for us to grow…together. It is an inspirational guide and I look forward to sharing it with you. It is currently available on eBook and print will be available very soon. There will be copies to purchase at the release. I thank God for this opportunity and all my family and friends that have supported me along this journey!!!
ISBN: 9780615969350


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Facts of Progress

Let’s talk about mending broken relationship. The thought of it sound complicated right? We can think to ourselves at times that if it’s over, then don’t go back to it, just leave it like it is. To be honest, it will come back in our lives because we need to resolve it. Today I am making a step to resolve one of the biggest broken relationships in my life. Is this going to be easy, no. But it’s something that needs to be done. I’m dealing with the affects of not dealing with so I may as well deal with it….
5 days later
I’m here and let me tell you things went a lot better than I expected. It was the most sensible conversation me and this person have had in years. Are things worked out completely…not yet but the lines of communication are improving. I can respect and listen without having to think about what I’m going to say next or butting in while they are talking.
Things are going to get even better because it’s time for me to do my part to make things better. It starts with my communication methods! I’m challenging myself to grow up and be mature, understand their points of view, and think about the future. Am I a perfect communicator? No, but I’m challenging myself to do better! Facts of progress!

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A Day like Today

One of those days when everything just seems off. Trying not to go into the mood that causes you to doubt everything you have done thus far. Trying to find a smile so that people don’t ask “are you okay”. Trying to find the strength to believe that your dreams will actually become apart of your reality. Just trying to make it… Being happy is a choice but sometimes the reality of life makes happiness seem like a cliché. I know how days like these can be, not days we’re excited to live out. But we all have them. We are not always on top of the world at every moment in life! The hope comes from inside of us. It’s like a small voice from within tells us to stop crying, wipe the tears, and believe. Sometimes all we have is our hope and faith things will get better. I don’t know how or when, but it’s going to happen… Let your faith take you to that day!

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What We See

Why do I keep seeing rainbows? It may sound funny, but they always appear when I’m thinking about something really important. Have you ever had so many things to think on that it’s overwhelming? Well this is how I feel sometimes, but then something good happens in the mist of all the bad. It’s like a sign of hope, just like the rainbow. It is really teaching me to have faith. Faith is something you don’t physically see, that you are hoping for, and believe will happen. My current situation is teaching me to hope for what I don’t see and to believe that it’s going to happen!
Let us remember that having faith is not just a religious thing, it is a way of life. The way we think affects how we act. Having an optimistic outlook on life doesn’t mean that everything is going to go right or what we planned is going to happen, it does mean that we are going to be positive no matter what the circumstance. Things may change but we are going to be positive, an unexpected issue or problem we still are going to be positive. Why? Because the way we think is how we act. And how we act is important because there are people who are watching us, but we’re not just doing it for them we do it for us because we deserve to have a positive outlook on our lives. Look at it like this every challenge that we face makes us stronger, every barrier that we cross takes us further, and every experience makes us wiser. We are extraordinary because we take every negative and find something positive in that situation. We grow from positive…Great day everyone!

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From yesterday to tomorrow

The hopeless days, the restless years, the times we wish we had done things a bit differently. The memories that plague our minds, the hurt that has made a home in our hearts. How do we move on from yesterday to tomorrow? Although they are just hours apart, the decisions we make can make hours seem like a lifetime. Why does our confidence seem to fly away when we don’t make “the best” choice? Why don’t we build confidence from our mistakes? If it wasn’t okay to make mistakes than why would the word exists or how could we define it as a mistake…
Let us have confidence in every decision or choice we make. It may not turn out the way we expected or always be the best option, but we must be confident in ourselves! If nothing else, we can learn from every decision we make. Let’s not break our confidence for tomorrow on something we did yesterday. We have the ability to come back from any challenge, redirect a bad decision, or simply just learn from every situation. So let’s take the decisions we made yesterday and enhance tomorrow! Have a great day!