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Time to Act

Have you ever wanted to do something or make some type of change in your life, but you were afraid? I face this issue right now. Being a single parent, wanting the best life I can provide for my family, and wanting a change in my environment. See the real challenge is because I have never moved outside of my birth state/city. My family is here and I’m somewhat comfortable, but not happy. Finding employment has been extremely difficult. Why, I’m not quite sure. You would think a young person like myself with a master’s degree in management would be able to pick up something fairly quick! Not the case. Then my previous position I was an intern for nine years, but the wouldn’t hire me in, not even for a part-time position! Crazy, right? Does this sound like anyone else’s story? Some times I wonder why I really went to college…spending all the money trying to educate myself, but for what? To be unemployed? Defiantly not! But I have hope…now I have to think outside the box! Maybe it’s time to relocate, get out of my comfort zone, expand my horizons, give myself a new start! Sounds great, but the hard part is actually doing it! On the other hand, the interesting part is I have been talking about it for years…now I think it’s time to act on what I have been talking and thinking on. So today if you are challenged with something and you need to make a change…let’s do it! Let’s stop talking about it and tell fear to take the backseat and hold on for the ride. We are great, extraordinary to be exact! Now is the time to make those positive changes in our lives, because we deserve to take the chance! We owe it to ourselves to make the step to reaching our dreams! Make way world….here we come! The Extraordinary Parents!!


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