Facts of Progress

Let’s talk about mending broken relationship. The thought of it sound complicated right? We can think to ourselves at times that if it’s over, then don’t go back to it, just leave it like it is. To be honest, it will come back in our lives because we need to resolve it. Today I am making a step to resolve one of the biggest broken relationships in my life. Is this going to be easy, no. But it’s something that needs to be done. I’m dealing with the affects of not dealing with so I may as well deal with it….
5 days later
I’m here and let me tell you things went a lot better than I expected. It was the most sensible conversation me and this person have had in years. Are things worked out completely…not yet but the lines of communication are improving. I can respect and listen without having to think about what I’m going to say next or butting in while they are talking.
Things are going to get even better because it’s time for me to do my part to make things better. It starts with my communication methods! I’m challenging myself to grow up and be mature, understand their points of view, and think about the future. Am I a perfect communicator? No, but I’m challenging myself to do better! Facts of progress!

A Day like Today

One of those days when everything just seems off. Trying not to go into the mood that causes you to doubt everything you have done thus far. Trying to find a smile so that people don’t ask “are you okay”. Trying to find the strength to believe that your dreams will actually become apart of your reality. Just trying to make it… Being happy is a choice but sometimes the reality of life makes happiness seem like a cliché. I know how days like these can be, not days we’re excited to live out. But we all have them. We are not always on top of the world at every moment in life! The hope comes from inside of us. It’s like a small voice from within tells us to stop crying, wipe the tears, and believe. Sometimes all we have is our hope and faith things will get better. I don’t know how or when, but it’s going to happen… Let your faith take you to that day!


What We See

Why do I keep seeing rainbows? It may sound funny, but they always appear when I’m thinking about something really important. Have you ever had so many things to think on that it’s overwhelming? Well this is how I feel sometimes, but then something good happens in the mist of all the bad. It’s like a sign of hope, just like the rainbow. It is really teaching me to have faith. Faith is something you don’t physically see, that you are hoping for, and believe will happen. My current situation is teaching me to hope for what I don’t see and to believe that it’s going to happen!
Let us remember that having faith is not just a religious thing, it is a way of life. The way we think affects how we act. Having an optimistic outlook on life doesn’t mean that everything is going to go right or what we planned is going to happen, it does mean that we are going to be positive no matter what the circumstance. Things may change but we are going to be positive, an unexpected issue or problem we still are going to be positive. Why? Because the way we think is how we act. And how we act is important because there are people who are watching us, but we’re not just doing it for them we do it for us because we deserve to have a positive outlook on our lives. Look at it like this every challenge that we face makes us stronger, every barrier that we cross takes us further, and every experience makes us wiser. We are extraordinary because we take every negative and find something positive in that situation. We grow from positive…Great day everyone!


From yesterday to tomorrow

The hopeless days, the restless years, the times we wish we had done things a bit differently. The memories that plague our minds, the hurt that has made a home in our hearts. How do we move on from yesterday to tomorrow? Although they are just hours apart, the decisions we make can make hours seem like a lifetime. Why does our confidence seem to fly away when we don’t make “the best” choice? Why don’t we build confidence from our mistakes? If it wasn’t okay to make mistakes than why would the word exists or how could we define it as a mistake…
Let us have confidence in every decision or choice we make. It may not turn out the way we expected or always be the best option, but we must be confident in ourselves! If nothing else, we can learn from every decision we make. Let’s not break our confidence for tomorrow on something we did yesterday. We have the ability to come back from any challenge, redirect a bad decision, or simply just learn from every situation. So let’s take the decisions we made yesterday and enhance tomorrow! Have a great day!


Today Is…

There are days like these when you’re inspired to do something great. Don’t let these days passed by. We don’t always know which direction is going to take us to our dreams, but if we keep moving forward, we will eventually find it. The only thing that we have some times is hope and faith that things will work out. Let today be the day that Your hope and Your faith drives you to excel, to achieve that goal, or just do something that you have been thinking about for awhile now. We only live this life one time so let’s make the best of it, with no regrets and never looking back and saying ‘what if’. Like a close friend of mine said, “take the if out, cut it up , because it no longer exist”. So today move forward with all of your heart and realize that things are going to come into alignment and your destiny will be great! Have an Extraordinary day!


Time to Act

Have you ever wanted to do something or make some type of change in your life, but you were afraid? I face this issue right now. Being a single parent, wanting the best life I can provide for my family, and wanting a change in my environment. See the real challenge is because I have never moved outside of my birth state/city. My family is here and I’m somewhat comfortable, but not happy. Finding employment has been extremely difficult. Why, I’m not quite sure. You would think a young person like myself with a master’s degree in management would be able to pick up something fairly quick! Not the case. Then my previous position I was an intern for nine years, but the wouldn’t hire me in, not even for a part-time position! Crazy, right? Does this sound like anyone else’s story? Some times I wonder why I really went to college…spending all the money trying to educate myself, but for what? To be unemployed? Defiantly not! But I have hope…now I have to think outside the box! Maybe it’s time to relocate, get out of my comfort zone, expand my horizons, give myself a new start! Sounds great, but the hard part is actually doing it! On the other hand, the interesting part is I have been talking about it for years…now I think it’s time to act on what I have been talking and thinking on. So today if you are challenged with something and you need to make a change…let’s do it! Let’s stop talking about it and tell fear to take the backseat and hold on for the ride. We are great, extraordinary to be exact! Now is the time to make those positive changes in our lives, because we deserve to take the chance! We owe it to ourselves to make the step to reaching our dreams! Make way world….here we come! The Extraordinary Parents!!


The Girl in the Mirror

This is something I wrote yesterday and I wanted to share it with you.
The girl in the mirror she just looks at me with no direction with no satisfaction she just stares right back at me…wondering if things will ever change or will things just the same. Her eyes hopeless with visions fading away, what’s wrong with this girl in the mirror I used to know her so well…but now she seems yet so far away. The truth is the things in life have waded her down, the pressures that she feel are the things that keep her bound. Answers seem long gone and the future seems to fade away in the darkness that she feels inside and things that she hears others say. See this girl, she allow people to affect her…their moods, the attitudes, and their judgmental ways. She’s so effected by people that she doesn’t allow herself to be true. Struggling to be free from what she’s allowed herself to be captured with, time just seems to fade away at its best. How did things get this way, how did she lose control. Was it just because she wasn’t ready for her future, ready to live outside of what people tried to control her with? As she thinks to herself as she looks in the mirror today, she mentally tells yourself this is the last day. “The last day to be controlled by others and what they say or do, the last day to be controlled by people who want nothing good for you”! With something like a smirk or smile she looks in the mirror and realizes every worthwhile, she’s ready, she’s ready. Living outside the box is not an easy step, but the future is out there so it’s worth the risk…